What Is Grim Wheel?

Grim Wheel is the personal project of a guy who helps manage a multi-user dungeon. Multi-User Dungeons, or MUDs for short, are the text precursors to many of today's MMORPGs. The genre lives to this day, but the years have seen many a game come and go, taking the contributions they made to the MUD community with them. Grim Wheel is an attempt to preserve some of those contributions.

Why Grim Wheel?

The author of this site is an old player of MUDs who became an immortal on one of them. His first immortal character was a god of death and dreams. The god's symbols included a spoked wheel and a raven, among others, so he thought the wheel would make a good symbol for this site.

What Does Grim Wheel Offer?

Currently, not much. The menu to the right provides links to other MUD sites that offer game locations, MUD code, building advice and more. With time this site will offer more than mere links, but what directions this site will take are as yet unknown. Click a link in the menu to find out more about MUDs.


I tested this site on Firefox 95.0.2, Safari 14.1.2, Chrome 96.0 and Microsoft Edge 42.0. All of them display this site alright. I build this site to suit Firefox users, however, so occasionally things might look screwy.


Grim Wheel is a site dedicated to old school text gaming.


I haven't yet finished or opened most of the links below. An asterisk marks each of these.


Buildcraft* Articles which discuss the craft of building on Multi-User Dungeons (MUDs).

MUD Forums Links to offsite forums that concern themselves with all things related to Multi-User Dungeons.

MUD-Dev Where you can find archives of the former mailing list known as "MUD-Dev", as well as a link to the newest mailing list.

Imaginary Realities Archives of articles from the now-defunct online magazine Imaginary Realities.


MUD Listings* Websites which list the many text games still in existence.

MUD Clients* Clients which you can use to connect to an active MUD.


Codebases The various public codebases in existence today.

Area Archives Areas for public codebases such as Circle, ROM and Smaug.

Miscellaneous* Links that do not fall easily into any category.